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ITC Vegas 2023

What is ITC? Dave: InsureTech Connect is where the insurtech community across the globe meets in Vegas each year. There is always a star-studded lineup of speakers, from insurtechs, legacy carriers, technology partners, and investors. With so many speakers, you have options as to what you want to hear and what you get out of the conference. It is also a great[...]
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One Startup’s Insurance Journey: Formation to Acquisition 

How many companies grow 500+ employees and get acquired for $200M+ in less than 2 years? We only know of one in recent Austin history. This startup’s journey from formation to acquisition from an insurance perspective is a great example of a desired client journey despite being extremely condensed. Our goal is to help other[...]
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Insurance Mindset Shift for Startups

What Do I Need to Have vs. What Should I Have?  Creating a tech company from scratch is a process that will often be equated to a wild ride regardless of the outcome. In the early days, the insurance mindset is drastically different than when the company matures. Somewhere along the way an epiphany happens[...]
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Holiday Parties Back in Person in 2021?

Unfortunately, many company holiday parties were put on hold in 2020. With the vaccinations up and COVID cases down in 2021, the party is back on! This is great news for the employees who were hired during the pandemic so they can meet their coworkers in person for the first time. Others are excited to re-connect[...]
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My Office Is Going Full Remote. How Will That Affect Insurance?

This pandemic has certainly altered what a commercial office space looks like. Some large companies such as Facebook and Google are going full remote till summer 2021 but will maintain their office footprint. These companies are large enough to shoulder the overhead of unused office space. But what if your startup can’t? Many tech startups[...]
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