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The Top 3 Insurance Inflection Points for Improving Your Insurance Program

Find out what my top 3 insurance inflection points are for startups + check out some funny outtakes at the end of the video.

Natasha Fuentes

“My Office Is Going Full Remote. How Will That Affect Insurance?”

Lumen Insurance Account Exec Natasha Fuentes did a video follow up to last month’s blog, “My Office Is Going Full Remote. How Will That Affect Insurance?”. Also, watch till the end for some funny outtakes. 😉

Insurance in A Post COVID World

I discuss how the insurance industry is reacting to a post COVID-19 environment. I use the official Lumen crystal ball to predict the future of claims, how carriers are going to react and how businesses can posture themselves intelligently for the changes.

COVID-19 Trends from Our Tech Clients

This video is about the current trends we’ve seen with our clients during the past few months of COVID-19. We recap the negative and positive trends from an insurance perspective. ***Due to popular feedback from our prior videos, there may or may not be funnies at the end.